Saturday, May 9, 2009

Underwater excursion

This last week we filmed a commercial for the BYU swim/dive team. It was an awesome experience for all of us because the entire commercial consisted of filming and lighting underwater. Something none of us had done before, and we had the opportunity to work with phenomenal athletes in the process. On top of all of that we had an awesome crew, which always helps a great deal. And my dad flew down to support me as well, it doesn't get any better then that :)

We filmed Monday through Wednesday night, we had to film after hours because we had to shut down the entire pool. Jake and I were in the water for like 6 hours a night, and the chlorine ate us alive. Not fun. We were also shooting on the redone and we kept on having a problem with the humidity giving the camera a problem, but we were able to work around that as well.

Jake was the director on this commercial, with Jamison Dayton as producer, and me as DP. We had full support from the Swim team, and were excited to see what doors open up because of this experience, for all of us. You can check out some of our sample footage with the video below.

Once again, it always amazes me on the adventures that film making takes us on. We have a wonderful team, and I can see us all working together to the end!

This is Devin signing out.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

LA Adventure!

I think film making has to be one of the greatest jobs out there. You get some of the most amazing opportunities to travel all around the world, and try out things that you would have never imagined. In the process you also get to meet some of the most talented people you can think of. This week was no exception.

This week Jake and I had the chance to go to LA to meet up with several people we have been working on over the phone with regarding film projects.

We are filming an underwater commercial this week. Because it takes place underwater, with a bunch of high end equipment it requires us to get a bunch of equipment that only exist in LA. So we had to rent a van in order to even pick up the equipment.

This involved renting an underwater housing unit to hold the Redone camera that we will be shooting on, and it also involves us renting several lights that only work underwater, and they put off a high volume of electricity, which sounds super sketchy but somehow works.

On Saturday after we got back from LA Jake and I went to the swi pool and tested out the underwater unit without any of the lights that we had. The link below has some of that footage. We just shot this to become familar with filming underwater.

When we shoot the commercial this week we will have tons of scuba gear equipment and a full crew, so it will be a much easier task.

Here's the test footage.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our first blog.

We will be using this blog to keep everyone posted on all the projects we got lined up for the summer, and onward. Currently were working on several commercials for BYU. One for the dive team, swim team, and BYU Independent Study, with several other side projects lined up as well. Most of which we will be shooting on 35MM Film and on the Redone camera. All of which are being produced by Jameson Dayton. Its also one of our first times working with a budget where the teams are funding the projects to make them happen. They will also be airing on KBYU and some will be on PBS. So it will be great exposure for all of us. And were all working together to make sure they are the best we have to offer at this time. So were all very excited for this opprotunity.

Jake and I will be leaving this week to LA to get trained on some underwater film equipment for the dive team commercial, and will be meeting up with several other contacts that we have up there. Stay tuned as the adventure continues.